this is a studio render for a NISSAN PATHFINDER
the original model was downloaded from
cleaned with blender 2.49 and rendered on yafaray 0.1.1

here’s the link to download the blend file on yafaray forums

enjoy !


Very nice and clean.

good job, thanks for sharing!

Beautiful render! Indeed, thanks for sharing

Agree with above, good clean studio render. An outdoor shot in the mud would be great for this car.


I’ve made a bugatti model…but not so detailed

yes an outdoor render will be great for this car, if we find the right HDR we can do a render like this one (done with modo
not blender :eek: )

wow, love it so much thanks for shareing to.
what are your render settings?

Can’t you just look in the .blend file he gave you?

i cant see it…

Do you recommend using pathtracing for the final image, or would it depend on what your rendering?

There are a bunch of free HDRI out there and blender internal seems to do a very good job with them.

yes, use pathtracing if you have a simple open scene like this one, it will gives a more realistic result but for a litle more time than photons,

notice that there’s few light panels and they are directly illuminating the car, so I have set the depth (light bounce) to a value of 3 on the pathtracing options, this will speed up the computations.

for my render I used pathtracing and it tooks 71 min to compute on a q6600 cpu
but like DarkTide said that we can get better results with the same render time !
I don’t know how ! :smiley:

great model. :slight_smile: You’ve totally inspired me to do some car modeling.

i have been struggling to get out a decent render in yafaray for my bmw but with you file perharps I will make some head way thanks for sharing

wow~ nice work~ will download and check more details~
thx for sharing :slight_smile:

There’s still some shadow noise but other than that, nicely done.

4 stars.

The only criticism I have in terms of modeling is that the tires are not deformed at all; the vehicle seems to lack weight. Very well done though.

Lolz can’t you read? You are all drooling over a downloaded model, which is being shared without the original author being mentioned…

the modeller was not mentioned on archive3d ! the orginal model is for free, available in “3ds” format, and can be downloaded from:

I just did some clean up and optimization, added the tires and most importantly reworked the materials and the light rig.

by the way !, I think it’s good idea if we can contact the website’s owner to create another library based on objects but fully optimized for blender/yafaray. what do you think ?

for example, the furniture of this renders are from