Nissan SkyLine

This is my art work from small lighting and renders challenge,
For me my target is mask some think look nice or CG ART not realistic work.
Car object is ready, I did the lighting and full HD render in Blender,
Compositing done in Photoshop,
Hope like my work and C is welcome :slight_smile: .

Front renderer?
Otherwise it looks pretty neat… might be so just beacause I love the skyline tho :slight_smile:

Nice to see it rendered. As i found a model of a blue one used in RoR (Rigs of Rods) a game made by Mr. Pricorde in his spare time originally a trucks game. But the car comes from the game community. And naturally looks more plain - for games purposes - than this great render.

Nice CGI… I am so pissed because the subject on cars is very daunting to me in regards to CGI.

nice its so realistic, the edges are so clear, what software are you using?

thanks guys for reply :slight_smile:
i used blander+photoshop

more compositing color

wow!!, nice render


Good work Samran, as usual. I especially liked the orange and black renders.
Wish you all the best in the challenge :wink:


Could you share pointers on how you did it, Samran? I really enjoyed the lighting, its definetly hiclass. I’ve just recently finished a car model, but used indigo. Found it easier than yaf/internal in some ways, but it leaves a lot to be desired in regards to creative control of lighting…

Wow looks great. Use of nodes perhaps? Good job modeling too.

Beautiful, really. Clean rendering and edge and superb use of the lights.
I didn’t catch whether the model is yours or not, if the case, congratulations on the modeling part also! :slight_smile:

Its true, those are beautiful renders.

Thanks for all this nice reply ^^
The modeling not me free for render challenge in
I use internal render with node and Approx AQ
For me I set the camera first and pint gray color for car
Then set key light and counter + spec light +AQ
Then start play with material ^
Render full HD comp in photoshop scale down 50% “for good edge”
Wip shot

wip project “Arabic”

wow very nice:yes:
and i would like to know how you
did the background

Well well. Good stuff here. :slight_smile:

I’m not usually a fan of car renders but these are really rather good. Since it was mentioned that Samas didn’t model the Skyline, here’s a link from his/her work in progress thread which has a full Skyline model.

This thread has prompted me to try some good 'ol render exercises with it.

looks kinda airbrush i love it