Nissan Sunny

I have done model of Nissan Sunny so i really need some input please tell me what do you think.


The paint feels a bit too shiny to me, although maybe this is due to the lighting. Try bigger light planes closer to the car to get a more traditional studio setup.

Very shiny indeed, and obviously lacking any fresnel in the diffuse/glossy mix.

No fresnel vs with fresnel

you might want to try a studio hdr as well.

Modelling is 45% done, which means you will need more details
the front light doesn’t seem to be alright, idk if its the material or there is just no object there

the car’s materials looks too shiny and cartoony, want to check that too
Rim’s material needs to be edited
and add some hard edge modelling too

that’s all i can give for now

Time to google this: “How to photograph cars.”

The model, for the moment, is “certainly good-enough.” What you should do now is to focus on the lighting … the “dripping pure-sex” style of photography that is status-quo for all car ads.

As you do this, certainly you will observe some deficiencies in the modeling that justify your attention (some will not …) in order to “increase the pure-sex.” When (and if) that time comes, give it some further attention. Until (and unless) it does, don’t.

Don’t judge your model by its present lighting.