Niveos game launcher

Hello! this is a game launcher i have in progress. It’s a metro-themed sliding menus game launcher i made for the purpose of any games i might make, got one currently in the making that i’ll post about later when i’ve got something to show. Sorry if the name was misleading. If it was, it won’t be one day since as i do plan on doing what i said above!

Currently, my knowledge only goes to making it launch games on other scenes. That means at this point i it will only launch my games, in the future i hope to make it universal, and similar to steams big picture mode.

This has took me a solid 4 days straight to make, this goes for the game too, since as this is the first thing to do with bge I’ve made.


Images are not a very high quality because of reasons to do with my way of uploading them…

Command and conquer: Advanced wars, is the name of the game i’m currently working on. Command and conquer, or CNC is a series of games that started years ago that was made by Westwood studios, in 1998 Electronic Arts took over from there on. The second part of that name i made up, advanced wars, is a game i played on my Nintendo years back when i was a child and i wanted to recreate it with aspects and inspiration of command and conquer.
Textures and the tank, city, and base model (I took his model because it was textured and i’m very good with blender but texturing i am scared of.)

Model by klamp:

You may be wondering where i go the the models from, well that was from another 3d remake of advanced wars that is in unity. Somewhere it said they left the models in the files if anyone wanted to mess with them or something, so i did. Pointing out the obvious, this is free to play, if it wasn’t… well, that would be bad.

Later on, when the things more complete i’ll make all of the textures and the couple models.

Things to do:

  • Fix overlapping of single player menu and one for the game that’s not implemented.
  • Polish menus
  • Fix animations
  • Add more to settings (controls, resolution, frame rate, debugging options, and more)
  • Re-position buttons
  • Add more menus without making the menu system a puzzle, since as sliding menus.
  • Allow adding games your self without using blender

Will update this things to do list as i go along, these things were the just the things that came off the top of my head.

Any suggestions? Be sure to tell me in the comments! Also, first post, please do excuse anything i may of got wrong.

I want to add a download for the exe, but, when i joined it said something like no links, confused as to what that means. Doesn’t matter as there’s nothing to do but watch the lovely sliding menus.