Nixon Venture Watch

Just something simple between projects that’ll no doubt add to the list of unfinished projects.

This is a Nixon ‘Venture’ watch that I own. The material on the brushed metal of the casing is horrid, but it’ll have to wait till its UV’d. I’ll move on to the rest of the strap/clasp etc once I’m happy with the material of the main part.

The pull out wotsit to adjust the time also seems to constantly render darker than the body even with the same material assigned? May have to remodel that bit?

Update: Added most recent renders:


Nice start (well, except for the casing material, but as you plan to change it … :slight_smile: )

For the little “wheel” to adjust time, maybe it’s because it has lots of little dents, so AO tends to fill those dents with shadow, and make the whole stuff darker?

My guess on the adjustment knob is that it is assigned to the same material as what is on the face of the interior of the watch.
Great modeling, look forward to seeing it with finished textures.

I’ve just remodeled the thingy to adjust the time (has it actually got a proper name?) and it looks a lot better now. I think it must of just been the way it was modeled in the first place! (I tried to be clever and set an array to a rotated empty)

The floor texture will be changed soon don’t worry its jsut a temporary thing.

Tweaked some materials for the main face, main body, push button and adjuster wheel, added the small square hole to the face to display the date and changed the point for 3 oclock to match the watch and not cover the date display.

The glass is bugging me slightly now though (good practice for materials all this though :slight_smile: )
Still need to set up the brushed metal but I’m doing sneaky blendering in work so can’t get too carried away hehe.

Added a straight on view showing more detailing.


A very mature render, but I feel that the image overall is rather blurry. Also I am not excited with the floor texture I do not think it fits well with the watch.

Looks really good
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Very very nice. Looks really clean.

Now it just needs a band, and a scene and we have yet another feature.

Keep it up.

Odeas that is much better. I can see you details clearly. Of course there is room for improvement. I think you are right about the glass, it appears like it is not there, maybe a slight texture on the metal surface, you could play around with the lighting a bit more, but overall a very good render.

Ok been modifying the material on the main body by having an attempt at UV mapping it. Still work to do but I’m happy with the basics.

Still ignore the ground texture its obviously not final just fancied a change :slight_smile:

GodOfBigThings I’ve sent you a reply via PM


here are some references for your material and lighting. you are doing very well, but I think you need to smooth out your texture, it looks rather harsh. Also you need to fix tat highlight in the top right corner of the glass it looks too white and too aliased.

The bottom one out of your references is the closest match to the material I’m looking to achive. I just suck at materials!

I’ve made a few more adjustments to the UV map but nothing major more to fix odd effects from the last render.

If you or anyone else has any tips, advice etc. for getting a material closer to that of your reference please post!

I’ve reworked the small hole in the face to display the date as this was originally just an extruded section, now i’ve cut it out, created a squished oval and have added a date to it. Still working on that part though, no re-render as of yet.

Photorealism is far from easy. My advice is to get a serious book about lighting and texturing.

For example I have this book.

I have recommended to this forum once again and probably will recommend it many times again cause it answer exactly the question you are having. It helps you understand how the physics of color really work .

A general rule is to avoid any extremes, the quality is in the details , the slight changes that alone are not noticible but together they make the big diffirence. So first of all , as I said before avoid absolute colors, like pure white or black. Your highlights have this issue. Decrease the impact of your texture , to smooth it out. Put more lights on the screen and decrase their intensity for more believability. Try to guess where the light comes from and where it goes (directional ligh) , because lights reflects almost everywhere etc. etc.

Materials getting there? I think it looks to be a big improvement personally but what do others think?
I’ve ordered that book :slight_smile: Hope it comes soon!

Edit: This is rendered without the glass because I still can’t get it at all looking right :frowning:


Bravo ODEAS, this is 1000 times better. Everything is crisp, clear and realistic. Perhaps if you can bring back the previous texture only a tiny bit that will make a very fine noise lines which will follow a circular motion like the last one of my reference pictures.

Once again congrats , this is already a very good render .

Nice move to buy the book, it will open your eyes as it did for me. I am thinking of buying a book on lighting at some point as well. There is no such thing as enough knowledge :wink:

Took some time out over weekend to do a bit of modeling to try and get this one finished up. I’ve done most of the modeling on the strap and clasp now, just needs tweaking and tidying up. Materials got a good going over on the metal but I’m not sure about them yet. The horrible line down the middle of the strap and other bits is due to the mirror modifier but dont know if there’s a way to remove it without applying the mirror?

Also if anyone could give me a quick tip on how to rig this so its easier to manipulate as the straps a bit of a pain to get it all lined up (doesnt match on the render)


Man you are great at renderin and mats
Wish i could be that good
As for the edges, i think it could be because of:

  1. The vertices not lining up perfectly
  2. Internal faces,like someone else also had the same problem.See this thread
    (see post no.3 and 4)
    3.Or you might have to change the merge setting.
    Make sure you dont have doubles there

EDIT: Fixed(ish)! :slight_smile: There’s still a small effect down the centre of each piece but I’m putting that down to the fact its still mirrored and not one full piece. (can be seen most on the strap links)

In the mirror modifier I needed to click the Mirror V and Mirror U boxes. Attached new update, included floor and hdr image on this one.

Could someone please give me some tips on the best way to rig this. It needs to constrain all stretching, and only allow rotation on the x axis where it hinges.


I think that you need to make the glass a bit more transparent , it blurs the details. Overall, this is top notch render.

That looks nice… you seem to be a detail driven person. So… is that how he tried to get the library money?