NLA animation

(ilac) #1


I made this a few days ago and was planning on posting it on the B.boards after a few people I was targting personally would have seen it - reason being it’s on geocities so the site will probably go down pretty fast.

The animation is just a quick test of a rig I’m currently setting up and the NLA. 100% Blender! - no imports whatsover, including the model, the armature and the motion. Also note that the facial expressions are armatures
not RVK’s, which is really useful cause then with the NLA you can jump from one
expression to another really easily and control how fast, long etc.

It’s only a 5 sec clip so for most of you it’s not worth the 2.5meg download but I suck at compression and I didn’t like the quality of my smaller files so…

BTW its a jpg avi

I’d appreciate the comments of those of you who do manage to see it! Thanks


p.s. Maybe in a few days after some people have seen the ‘good’ quality version I’ll upload one of the crappy compressed ones for the 56k modem users :slight_smile: - always if any of you want to see it!

The site:

(paradox) #2

cool. Keep it up I want to see more.


(ilac) #3

Thanks Paradox! :slight_smile:

Still got some more work to do in the armature before (Adding armature to fingures , improving functionality in the face, etc) Then I’ll show more.

Oh and I need to get a site that can cope with the traffic i’ll be getting cough cough :wink: