Nla editor amd transitions

(kulu) #1

Hi there.

I have a rigged character. The bines are controlled by circles via the inverse kinamatic bone constraints.

Ive animated it in parts saved out as actions.

When I bring in my actions into the nla editor everything works fine, except when transitioning between two different actions.

If I add a transition the rigg breaks during the transition and the bines are a jumbled mess. If I try and edit the transition settings the best that I can do is make the character dead still during the transition. The actions snap immediately from one to another without any transition between them. But I have clearly placed a transition between the two actions.

Please help. There must be an addon or something I can use ti fix this problem.

Thanks for reading my woefull post.

(Clockmender) #2

The first thing I notice is that you have a Child Of constraint that is not correctly setup, the give-away is that it is coloured red…

You need to post the blend file for us to look at, sadly we cannot guess the problem and I cannot hack into your PC to look from here (although if I get your IP address I might be able to). I cannot see if you have unapplied rotations, or scales, I cannot see if you have keyframed things correctly, I cannot see any information I need to solve the problem. I suspect a setup issue somewhere in your file.

Cheers, Clock.


As you are a new user, you might have to post the file to and then post the link to your file here.

(kulu) #3

I had patented my controllers to a bone. My bad…Will never happen again.

(yogyog) #4

Probably not what you want to hear, but…

It would be easier if you used bones in the same armature as everything else as your IK handles rather than empties. It will make using the NLA editor MUCH easier.

also -

rather than making a whole load of linking actions, it might be easier to have the NLA strips overlap and have them blend into each other:

(kulu) #5

Okay. I will try it next time. Im using transitions between the actions . All actions are aranged on the same nla track in each instance of the helpers on the nla editor. It’s working. Too bad I’m gonna be animating an 11 minute sequence. Thanks alot guys

(Additive NLA Animation Layers) #6

What a Transition clip does, is take the last frame of every animation curve from [strip 1], then does a linear transition to the first frame of [strip 2].

If anything is not keyed in “both”, they can’t transition.

Blending (Add/Replace) has no effect, except when a strip/action is above another.
I’m curious as to why you were doing that in the first place, because afaik, there are only 2 feasible methods to get additive nla layers working, [my addon] and [additive keyer].

Yogyog’s image would be correct for this situation, but not “always” mandatory, if you created animation data designed for ADD (see either of our addons)

(kulu) #7

Okay. I will try multiple nla tracks, instead of just one for each helper object. Thanks guys.