Nla editor amd transitions

(kulu) #1

Hi there.

I have a rigged character. The bines are controlled by circles via the inverse kinamatic bone constraints.

Ive animated it in parts saved out as actions.

When I bring in my actions into the nla editor everything works fine, except when transitioning between two different actions.

If I add a transition the rigg breaks during the transition and the bines are a jumbled mess. If I try and edit the transition settings the best that I can do is make the character dead still during the transition. The actions snap immediately from one to another without any transition between them. But I have clearly placed a transition between the two actions.

Please help. There must be an addon or something I can use ti fix this problem.

Thanks for reading my woefull post.

(Clockmender) #2

The first thing I notice is that you have a Child Of constraint that is not correctly setup, the give-away is that it is coloured red…

You need to post the blend file for us to look at, sadly we cannot guess the problem and I cannot hack into your PC to look from here (although if I get your IP address I might be able to). I cannot see if you have unapplied rotations, or scales, I cannot see if you have keyframed things correctly, I cannot see any information I need to solve the problem. I suspect a setup issue somewhere in your file.

Cheers, Clock.


As you are a new user, you might have to post the file to and then post the link to your file here.