NLA Editor hiding (not deleting) actions


I am currently learning how to work properly with the NLA editor.
I created a view actions and everything works fine withe the NLA so far.

Now I wanted to recompose the the actions in the NLA.
I removed some actions with the X key. I checked, that I could get them back by the Add->Add Action Strip Menu. So I thought I was save. But when I saved, closed and reopened the blend file, all these “removed” action ware really removed and I cannot get them back

How do I remove an action “savely” from the NLA without completely delete them.

Add On: I seems that it happens only for action related to an “linked in” object with proxy armature

Mainly the concept in blender is called data blocks . Actions are data blocks. Meshes are data blocks. Material are datablocks…etc. each object can have a datablock or share it with with others. In that last case if you put the same action on two objects they will execute the same movement because this action is shared with two proprietarys. If you look right on action or material or mesh’s name. You could have a number when it’s shared. In the dropdown menu right on your action’s name. You can switch your action for this proprietary. In that list, if there is a zero near the name… that means that there is no proprietary for this one…so … it will not be saved and next time you ll open your file … will not be there.
To avoid this. And save your data block even it haves no proprietary. There is a F icon near the dropdown action menu that means ,this file will be saved even it haves no proprietary.
Hope it s clear for you.
Enjoy :arrow_up_small:

Ah, OK, great. Thanks