No. 29

Blender + Cycles, 200 samples.

People often ask me what my images are of. To give an honest answer, they’re all abstracts. My grandfather was both a sculptor and a painter and I somehow inherited his peculiar way of composing and arranging objects. I like to think of my work as digital sculpture.

On process, the recorder is an asset from BlenderKit that I bent along a curve. The red foliage is also from BlenderKit. Everything else, from the icy blue tubes to the metal rod were all created by hand. Lit with only an HDRI.

To me, this image really reminds me of the sculptural work I was making in art school. Sort of a subtle dinginess, mismatched and slightly chaotic, but compositionally balanced. The dark background really helps with the mood in my eyes. I’d love to hear what you think of it.

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