No active UV layer found in the object when baking

Hi, I’m trying to bake this AO, but I get the error message: “No active UV layer found in the object: Cube 003”

Any help would be much appreciated!


Type 95.blend (7.32 MB)

As the message tells you, the object has no UVs.
You need to uv unwrap the object to use to bake to


Hello, Richard. I did everything correct: I marked seams the low-poly mesh, unwraped it, I did as you said: I went to proprieties and then data. But now I receive the message when I hit “bake” : “No valid selected objects”

Error says ‘No Valid Selected Objects’. Therefore look at what objects you have selected. In the outliner it looks like you only have the ‘HIGH’ object selected. To bake a normal map you need both the HIGH and LOW poly objects selected with the LOW the active object so you bake the difference between the two


your answer helps me to solve. thank you!