No Audio in Render

I’m using 2.61 (MAC PPC) Blender version.
I’ve been trying to add audio to a rendered video sequence with zero luck.
I’ve gone through as many tutorials and forum posts as I can find regarding the subject and have tried multiple suggested combination’s regarding Output format and encoding but have failed to get the video to render with audio.
The last settings I’ve used are File format: MPEG
Encoding format: Xvid
Audio codec: MP3
This was a combination suggested in several tutorials and the video and audio did render but the video rendered with a strange red/orange color overlay. This problem with everything rendering red is the same result I’ve gotten with several other settings combination’s.
I either end up with video only, audio only or everything red.
Anyone out there familiar with this issue that might shed some light? :confused:

It is easy to break Codec compatibility in Blender just by combining weird audio video codecs together. Make a test scene that removes variables (like a cube only) add a simple audio source and render to an output preset (like DV or something). If that works try applying the preset then change to suit. Also check the blog in my sig for some more audio info.

I’m going to be doing a lot of testing of this particular problem in the next few days. I’ve successfully rendered video with audio in Blender 2.49 without any trouble whatsoever and was surprised when I ran into this road block with 2.61.
I’m particularly concerned that although I did get the video/audio integrated in the final rendering, a had that problem with the red/orange discoloration. That’s the kind of problem you expect by mismatching nodes in the compositor, not a problem you’d have in the VSE.
When you place an audio clip in the timeline, do you have to change the blend setting (default “replace”) in the strip edit window? Does it matter if the audio clips are above the video strip rather than below?
As it is, I rendered the video portion separately from the audio. Then rendered the audio without video as an mp3. I combined these in Avidemus, and finally got the finished result I was looking for.
This shouldn’t be this hard.
I’ll be checking out your blog thoroughly. Thanks for the response.

Well it should not be that hard. Doesn’t matter what track the audio is on as it can’t visually occlude the pictures. I have seen VLC valiantly attempt to replay broken codecs in weird colors before (possibly wrong encoding types).

Audio was rebuilt recently and you do have to check that the scene audi tab has correct settings too. See blog.

I did replay the video on VLC. I guess that solves that mystery. I didn’t know there were audio settings on the scene tab. I’ll have to look into that. I will be checking out your blog over the next week. Thanks…:slight_smile:

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@3pointEdit : you saved my day. This should be a sticky or somehow a note in the faqs.