No Audio Output - Save as Game Engine Runtime (.exe)

I used the Save as Game Engine Runtime (.exe) add-on for a small demo I made, however, there is no audio being output when it is saved.

Is there a known issue with this?

Did you “Pack All Into .blend” your external data before exporting your game?

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Yes, however, for some reason I had to do it a second time to make it work. Thanks for you help!

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could you tell me how please?

(Blender Screen-Layout Panel)
Info > External Data > Pack All Into .blend

This will embed -

  1. Image files
  2. Sound files
  3. (& I think) Text files

i believe sounds are not packed, i have the same issue when i try to pack sound.


An easy fix is to use a folder structure like this:

game folder/

  • sounds/
  • images/
  • scripts/
  • .blend
  • etc/

Now put all sounds/etc. into those directories. Then in your .blend change every texture/sound/etc to the right directory (basically reselect them from that directory)

Now you don’t have to pack it into the .blend so you keep that file small in size. Then simply zip the ‘game folder’ and you are ready to distribute it.

if you make a .exe then put those folders that are in the ‘game folder’ into the .exe folder.

Huh, it works for me.
I’m not trying to say your wrong, I’m saying are we perhaps using different versions?


i’m not sure if i tried it in 2.79, because when i could not pack the sounds, i started to use python for it and ever since i used the folder structure for all my games. (you want that structure anyway if you want to redistribute the game (if you have bigger projects)).

So it could be possible that it works in 2.79, but a folder structure is always handy and never fails.

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So true :slight_smile:

Are you using UPBGE?

i use both.

bge has bugs i walk into but so does upbge, so i switch enginges depending on what i need.

To add some more details:

I use bge if i need:

  • heavy libload usage
  • no things parented to bones(except skin of character)

I use upbge if i need:

  • things parented to bones
  • no need of libload

parenting objects to bones is bugged in bge(movement out of sync), libload in upbge does not work as in bge, bge has very nice usage of libload, that actually works fantastic, wish upbge had it like that. if it had it like bge i would only use upbge for sure.