No background image when user ortho view


i have to admit that I’m a Blender user since a few years now, and mostly I’m creating things out of blueprints, with all the different views of an object and there is still one thing that bothers me. For example you have a blueprint of a car and its front part is on the left side of all the views except front view of course.
Now if you want to look at the top view of the object, you will fail, cause the top view in Blender is done by the 90°-rotation of the X-axis -> (y up x right orientation) and to read the blueprints from left to the right in top view mode, you must rotate it along the z axis 90° so you can get necessary x down y right orientation.
But the background image is gone cause I’m in user ortho mode instead of the standard top ortho mode.

Of course I could rotate the images instead, but that can’t be the solution!

Has anyone a clue?


Yes it can! And it is! Exclamation mark!

Another way to display modeling sheets in the viewport is to put them on empties, that way you can view them in any viewmode and angle.