No better solution for eevee shadow caster than going through nodes, gradients, mix shaders etc?

Hi folks,
Was looking in to a shadow caster approach in EEVEE, I took a look at some youtube tutorials setting it up with diffuse and transparency shaders and with a ramp, a color to black and white node, I looked at several of those on youtube…pretty much the same…but it just can´t be this horrible having to set it up like that surely.

I should add that it doesn´t work for me or for a particular scene with hdr images, and it should be a matter of individually tweak and change the shader depending on what kind of hdr image you got.

Is there No one working on a better solution than material node setups? I can not get it to work properly

While it can be a little frustrating to “get all of those nodes singing from the same songbook,” it really is the path to the stunning results that you want. The thing to realize, I think, is that “this is a digital computer, and that means that you might have to debug things.” Iteratively make one change at a time and write down on an accompanying (paper …) notebook what changes you did.

Thanks for jumping in, though it doesn´t help out with the issue.
“this is a digital computer” that doesn´t make sense though
My computer it is a Digital computer dealing with both blender cycles shadow caster which works, and with my shadow caster for lightwave wich works by just adding it…but it doesn´t work with the workflow of setting up shadowcaster for cycles…I shouldn´t have to debug a shadow caster… it should just work, it has nothing to do with digital computers…but everything to do with the fact that eeve Devs hasn´t developed a shadow caster worth the name…

I am aware of that eeve is a different kind of render engine than cycles or Lightwave3D, but it needs a better solution.

Had the tutorials worked right out of the bat, I would have worked with that…even though I would still urge for a proper shadow caster model.

Since I also see others having issues, despite trying to follow youtube tutorials…I do not find it worthwile to bother with stuff like that in eevee at all, …it´s just a waste of time, until it is fixed.