"No Camera" Glitch

Hi guys, I deleted my camera and added a new one to no avail, being left with “no camera” whenever I try to render. Under view, it shows that there is in fact an active camera, and the camera does have a black triangle above it. I can press 0 to view the camera’s perspective, but it won’t render. I have seen 2 other posts like this, neither was solved. Any chance this can be helped? Worst case scenario, I have to transfer the entire project to a new blend???

Go to the scene settings and change what camera it wants to use (you can also change this to an object and use it as a camera! (afaik it should work with lights too!))

My camera (named camera) is set as the active camera even in the scene settings, and when I try to render, it still says no camera! I think my current blend project is toast at this rate, might need to transfer to a new file! Help?

Your kidding. -_- I had to append a new camera into the scene lol. It has the same settings as the previous camera, even the same name. Problem solved!

huh, how strange… would you be willing to post your file so I can try and figure out what caused this strange behavior?