No drifting!

I made a short animation of a drifting car, to practice animating with simple armatures. Detail is very low on purpose to keep down the rendertime, but I made it up with adding sound (oh yeah!) I plan to make more shorts like this, to improve my keyframing skills (which obviously suck in this movie, lol).

Its far from perfect, but Im proud of it:D

btw, does anyone know where I can upload it, so other people can download it directly (not like rapidshare)

>> click here to watch <<

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Good Job!

You’re right…the keyframing and animation all-together could use some work. But everyone has to start somewhere!

Also work on your modeling skills some.

All-in-all though, good job! Keep up the good work!


Thanks! I just started animating, but im quite good at modeling already (ahum). Although you might think its not even possible, I intended to have even less detail, just a box on wheels. But I just couldnt resist adding a few things:D

Also, I did end up making very nice, realistic wheels, but They’d have to spin in order to look realistic. Which I failed at. So I used simple wheels. My next project will be much better.


I’m looking forward to it!


Very cool! :smiley:

I’ve used, but you have to be patient with their uploading (vids are stored at But direct-linking is supported.

On the anim: I like it, too, especially the sound! (Where’d ya find that, BTW?) My only thot to make it more interesting would be to spin the tires appropriately (and add spokes or some visual reference to their spinning) (EDIT: see this threadfor animating spin) and maybe add a little smoke on the “burnouts”. :smiley: