NO Flash, just Blender

Hi guys, we hope your c&c for our short animation and add comment to on our web
if you wanna blend file

wow this is blender?

Heh heh - the cat using the mice was funny. The sound effects was off color there, I mean gas from both ends? :slight_smile:
Good work, I wasn’t thinking 3d was used, so that is a good thing!

loved it! :smiley:

Thank for saw

I enjoyed it :slight_smile:


I would crit most the cut of the shots, which somehow makes the storytelling unclear. but deserves 5 stars for a nice show of the blender capabilities for 2d animation.

woah the blend files were cool to look at

Really nice short! Thumbs up!

That’s great! I never would have thought of that as being a really effective means of animation! …This opens new possibilites… just like a 2d animation program, but with 3 dimensions:eek:;). I might have to try something like this myself…

Here is the link to mov file

Moved to the gallery.


Simply awesome

That’s strange! Anyways wouldn’t it be easier if all the scenes would be on one blender file and mixed on the sequence editor.

Did you use Blender to mix, compile and edit your movie?

are import from SVG file ?

Could you please just put it on youtube?
For some reason whenever I try to play it it just shows a purple screen.