no IKA on blender-creator 2.23 ADD menu ??!! help

(davejumpers) #1

So I was looking at some tutorials, and I saw the IKA in the ADD menu.
You know, for bones and stuff.

The only thing I could find on my blender-creator for linux is an “Armature” that doesn’t really work like a bone, is indocumented and I can’t get it to work.

So, basically I have no IKAs.

Another thing is, the blender book was write for version 1.7?
If so, are the new features documented somewhere?

Is there a blender publisher for LINUX?


(Ecks) #2

Yeah no more ika. The new thing is armature for character animation.
It not exactly work like ika: add armature where you want. select you caracter. Go in edit mode. select the verticle of the leg in example. (If you want to animate the head select the head verticles) go in edit menu (f9). press ‘new’ (under weight) in the box that appear write the name of the armature of the leg and then press assign. Exit edit mode. And parent the character to the armature using ‘use armature’. I hope it will help!

(davejumpers) #3

Thanks dude, makes so much more sense.

So where are all this new different features documented? Or I should just come and ask ya.


(theeth) #4

try looking there for a list of most Blender tutorials.

All the tutorials are now on (thanks ingie!)


(davejumpers) #5

So, I need a little bit more of details.
I did exactly as you said and I couldn’t make it work.

I did noticed though, that In order for me to get those buttons you talk about in edit mode, I have to convert the leg from whatever it is ( nurbs ) into a mesh.

So what part of the leg is that i have to select? A vertice, an Edge, a face or the whole object?

Where in the leg do I want to select. The Joint? the Knee?

In order to be asked to Parent something using armature, The armature has to be selected.
So should I select the armature, then Ctrl+p and then “use armature”

Or Should I select the leg and Cntrl+p and then just “Make Parent”

Cause neither worked :frowning:

Sorry, I’ve been following all the tutorials, I can. I don’t have access to the book yet.
But even the book and all the tutorials talk about IKAs and not the armatures.

thanks for all your help , yo


(z3r0 d) #6

look at the tutorials for rigging a hand (complete with arm), and a leg.

… but to answer your questions

you make the parent of the mesh the armature. Select the mesh first, then the armature (the armature should end up being the lighter shade of purple), and choose use armature

you then need to go into edit mode, and select the vertices that will correspond to each bone. In the edit buttons you can group vertices, and if the name of the group is EXACTLY the same as a bone in the armature that bone will deform that group of vertices

umm, if the tutorials there are a bit complex, slow down, and read them again. They may not make sense at first (at least they didn’t for me)

I don’t know about nurbs though.

(davejumpers) #7

Right on. This tutorial actually uses armatures.

All of the others I’ve seen where using IKAs