No Inspiration - (it's a picture)

Funnily enough, having no inspiration gave me inspiration. I call it No Inspiration. Any crits/suggestions are welcome. My first almost finished project which may branch out to other stuff.


Spread his legs! no but seriously, the legs dont look natural perfectly aligned and at 90⁰ angle. I like the arm posture. But if he’s leaning on his left arm, I’d tilt his torso a bit.

Also, he is in the center, but quite badle lit. (hard to make out). So lighting could do with some work. (looks like you don’t have a fill light)

The guy is the center of attention, but he is quite a small part of the image. Maybe zoom in on him?

I’ve tweaked the main model and added a few props. The pose is more natural, but the angle doesn’t really show it I guess.Any other objects that would add to the scene? I’m looking for inspiration.


cool idea - I was thinking what if he would be sitting on the rubber + with one leg would be on top of the pencil…like bored-rolling the pencil with his feet?? just an idea

more obejcts? was thinking about to put in the background wall some wall of other ideas/drawings - just to see little bit in the background + pencil sharpener with pencil garbage (from sharpening). - but we don’t want to overload the scene

  • as mentioned ‘hiower’ try to adjust a bit more the lights…maybe add some window frame shadow. I would go here for realistic materials and lighting…

Good work. You could add in some crumpled up peices of paper to the background. I would zoom out a little bit more from that last image you posted. Maybe halfway between the 1st and second images. What is he sitting on? You could make his “chair” be a pencil sharpener or a big pink eraser.

Great minds think alike, Asano. I actually did all but changing the thing he’s sitting on already (it’s supposed to be a block of marble but it’s really a placeholder more than anything).


Well I’m happy to call this on done. Sure I can do more with it probably but that’s another project. I’m quite happy with what I’ve finally accomplished, a finished project.


The earser looks like a piece of something besides rubber…

Download this…

Its a white rubber texture…to open it go to file append link then find the .blend file…Click on it and go to Materials then click the material and then go to the material tab and click on the drop bar…Its by the place that says Links and Pipelines…and find the name of the material you just imported…If to confusing ill post pictures …Also on that site there all hundreds of free materials

the paper, i think, is too stiff and 3d. Adding a smother edge, + a semi see through texture might improve it. However, you should not just slap one on. Either do it right, or leave it be. I really like the idea, and the little fella though :smiley: I was also wondering how you went about the wholy cup (holy grail! ha!)? Did you just model + subsurf? May i see a wire of it?

Here’s the wire for the pencil cup without subsurf. It’s a cylinder with a lot of edge loops going horizontal and vertical. I have 2lvls of subsurf on it. Sorry about the ridiculaous size of the picture. I didn’t set the image size down from when I rendered.