No installed Python was found

I just downloaded Blender only to have the program tell me I needed Python as well. I went ahead and downloaded Python 3.1 from Python and restarted my computer.

When I booted up Blender it said that “No installed Python was found”.

What can I do to get Blender to recognize my installation of Python?

I have Python downloaded in C and Blender downloaded in my documents with user files located in the Blender directory. I am the computer administrator. My computer is a Pentium running Windows XP.

Thank you!

You don’t need python to run blender, only to use some of the scripts that give additional functionality. You need the correct version of python that goes with the version of blender you are using. This is not 3.1. The blender installer you downloaded should say the correct python version in its name. For 2.49a for windows this I believe is 2.6. This can be 2.52/2.54 for earlier blender versions. As I said this will not stop you from using blender.


OT Why is Python the “de facto” language they use for 3D?