No Lights in the Scene, but some objects are bright

as you can see i followed a tutorial and my scene looks like this.
the top image is mine, and the bottom one is the tutorial guy.

i have not used any lights, but still the ground plane, and the gameboy is well lit except the other objects.

whats the issue??

I’m very new to blender and this community doesn’t allow me to upload multiple images or links. so unable to upload the original blender file link.

Select the ground plane and go to its shader editor. Is there an emission node hooked up anywhere? Are you using a principled shader and is its emission color set to anything other than black? If not, there might be something weird in the world settings. Screenshots of both the ground’s shader and your scene’s world settings would help.

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The more you post and respond to threads the faster you will gain the ability to upload more images and Blend Files.

That said you can share via any of the file host sites out there Google, Mediafire Pastebin, etc. but it looks as if it will be a very large file…

For the Moment check this…
If un-checked will use built-in HDR’s for lighting…
also, the Word Tab is where the world Data is…did you set that to Full Black as it seams the tutorial has done?
Set color to full Black
Once you do that then the emissive shaders will look like the tutorial image ( or close)

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Hey sorry for replying so late. I think it was something to do with the emission shader, and I changed it to black for the ground plane, and the Gameboy as well.

Thanks guys for solving this issue, somehow the emission shader is switched on, I never tweaked it for the ground.

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