NO MANS SKY Rasamama s36

I decided t omake the first ship in the game no mans sky
Current Image:

is there anything i can d oto make it look better?

make it less glossy, make the image brighter, maybe add a subtle dirt texture.

thank you
i still have alot of messing about to do ang some more detailed modelling

So i forgot to fill anyone in on my recent chsnges to the setting
and now after being idle for a bit i have now got a new image
It would be nice for some critique on the differences

Also before i forget here is my refrence image

I’f you’re trying to make it look identical, the gloss needs to be rougher and the angle of the wings is way different.

No i am not realy trying to go identical: more of just a based off of sort of thing

ok, looks cool

I like the way it looks - but on a personal level i always prefer spacecrafts that are a bit rougher in texture (like the spaceshuttels irl). Those ships go into orbit and reentree ingame - its hard to believe they would be that shiny and look that brand new … unless its brand new :smiley: