No mist with key?

Whaaat? Does key turn off mist? It sure looks like it’s turning off mist.

yes, mist is an alpha blending effect, and using key, the alpha value of each pixel is either on or off, there are no in between values, so no alpha blending.

That’s not correct, though it is kinda how it’s displayed in Blender currently. Key just means the alpha is saved straight in its own channel without modifying the RGB channels, as opposed to premultiplying them with black. It still has a full 8/32 bit alpha channel, and is not just on/off like a GIF file for example.

And to answer Jeremy, the display in Blender’s render window doesn’t show it well, because of that key alpha display issue, but mist does indeed work. You can see it if you render a ‘Key’ image, but render to an image editor, not a popup render window, and turn on alpha display (see the attachment)


thanks for clearing that up, sorry for the bad info ( happens once every couple of dozen years )

O.K., good to see that it works, but what happens to the color part :

For this shot, I’m not interested in the distance fall off in the alpha channel. I have to throw that part away since it gives me transparent dudes when I comp them back in ( I render a 2nd time without mist and use the alpha from that render. This is probably going to cause it’s own set of problems, but one thing at a time ). What I’ve got to have is the color change from the mist.