No More Dragons!

Hi guys! This scene was assembled in Blender 2.8 and rendered in Cycles. Eevee was used for setting up accurate lights and shaders. I also had some fun time exploring Blender internal physics simulations such as fire, hairs/fur and snow. Scene created by using our Medieval Pack. For that project I wanted to create something different from Crusaders theme, just to show that models from pack are easy to customize and at the end you could have completely different story. I was just needed to make King, Dragon and few props.

More information on:

My Artstation:


Eevee turntable of one of the characters in realtime


That looks stunning!!
Straight out of a cinematic. A high end one :slight_smile:

Great work throughout with everything!

Great scene!
Great details and the faces are believable.
What is the pack you’re talking about?

So awesome to see a scene with so many characters, incredible job!

Models and renders look fantastic @OlegZherebin ! Please consider adding artstation, gumroad and website links to your first post related to this.

Just beautiful work.

Thanks a lot guys! Really appreciate it. Added more details to the post as well as some links.

Excellent work!

Though if you wanted to show off your asset pack, you should have gone for something brighter maybe :wink:

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A little more of the development process:

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Seems like you are using Group Pro?

Yeah I love Group Pro, it’s really handy, especially with very complex scenes, one of the best addons out there.

We are firing people that uses group pro, and asking developers to implement it in master while 2.8 is in developement to stop that mess.

The result is awesome. Congrats Blender friend!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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I have been following the progress of this project on Instagram. I have been thoroughly enjoying it! Keep it up!

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amazing work, but wow the content is not cheap

if you want to make a short film with this,i think its not to much.imagine clever green screen usage,compositing can make one series/episode like of Game of Thrones on budged.

like this stuff very much.

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yes if targeted to a pro market its a really good price, quite cheap actually

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