No mouse gesture in 2.5?

Not really important I guess, but is there any way to use the mouse gestures for scaling, translating and rotating in 2.5? I kind of got used to it in 2.4. You know, like drawing a “v” to scale etc. . ?

They have not been implemented in 2.5

Good news everybody, we have gestures back in 2.6 thanks again to Chromoly. This is most useful of course for Pen Tablet owners whilst the mouse people may hate it. Switch it on an off via addons.

For those who do not remember how it works; draw a “I” line to move, draw an “L” shape to Rotate and draw a “V” shape to scale. Do it slowly at first and view the gesture being interpreted in the left hand corner of the 3D view. It can save you thousands of key presses.

Get it by doing a google for “Enabling mouse gestures in blender 2.5 inhumanvision”
It is called “” - pop it in to your addons folder.

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