No Object Mode orbiting with SpaceNavigotor 3D mouse on the Mac version?

Hello all,

I read up about 3D mice and bought a SpaceNavigator. I’m very impressed by how well the (OS X) system preferences, demo software works. The ‘Two-handed Power Mode’ for Blender that Nathan Letwory demonstrates on YouTube looks even better!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work on the Mac version, or does this only work in certain paint modes on either platform? I fiddled around with the 3D Mouse preferences (in Blender itself, I know the 3Dconnexion system preferences are ignored by Blender) but it seems that Blender does not support Object Mode view on the Mac version while orbiting.

From the user questions I found on this forum and the rest of the 'net, I get the impression that this situation has been like this for a few years.

Is this conclusion correct or am I missing something?

Update: In

the Mac version does seem to have a Object Mode view. Is Object Mode broken by a later version of Blender, or the drivers?

It’s complicated and took me a lot of time to figure out. There is no short answer, so I wrote an article about it. No, it didn’t work how I expected it to, from the demo software. It works differently then for example with SketchUp, but yes, Blender is supported c.q. the 3D mouse supports Blender on Mac.