"No objects or images found to bake to"


I’ve been using blender for the past 3 months and have grown quite fond of it.

I haven’t had any baking issues before but now I having ridiculously hard time. I’m running on Win7, blender 2.59.

I’m trying to bake normals from a high poly model, and I keep getting the error "No objects or images found to bake to"when I have unwrapped and created a new image, as well as have all the uv’s and the model selected.
I’ve also tried all the tutorials online and the black image plane just disappears when I press bake.
It seems that I’m only having this problem on this specific file though.

I’m not sure if the fact that it’s on a curve modifier has to do with anything.



if you mean from a high poly model to a low poly, you need to check that box marked “selected to active” and then

  1. Select the high poly
  2. Shift select the low poly]
  3. Click bake

Thanks for the soution, 24hrs I’ve been reminding myself to breathe, and not panic at the possibilty of seeing a long term project never reach completion. Whew!

Unhidden seems to be the default at object creation, anyone know the specifics as to what hides them unintentionaly?

thanks, this should be in the normal baking tutorials.

Wow… this could have saved me a couple dozen hours of grief if I had looked it up ages ago. Thank you.

Thanks a million for sharing :slight_smile:
It’d be really nice if Blender would do a thorough check before rendering the bake to make sure none of these little things are getting in the way. And if any was found, to pop up a little window showing just that.


I also found that layer settings for the render (bake) have a part to play.

The layers I had visible/enabled on the 3d view didn’t match those that were active in the Scene layers. I wanted to bake an AO texture to an object on visible layer three, so I had to enable layer three in the scene layers for the render.

This is Blender 2.68 where the layer options are on their own tab. In older versions the layers settings are in the Render tab.