No Primitives Add tool

Blender 2.92 (beta)

his feature is still in development and was thus not included in the 2.91 release. In order to enable it in 2.92, you have to:

  • Enable the Developer Extras in Edit > Preferences > Interface
  • Switch to the Experimental tab that appears
  • Enable New Features > Add Object Tool

These instructions are supposed to work for Blender 2.92.

Well, Blender 2.92 (beta) was just released. Followed the instructions.

No Add Object Tool.

MacBook Laptop / Big Sur

They’ve moved experimental features to daily Alpha builds (i.e. they shouldn’t be available in releases and Beta builds). That said, this tool has just been moved out of experimental, so probably should appear in the next Beta build.


Wouldn’t be looking at all if not for:


…and somehow, in both videos, 2.92 Alpha is shown, not 2.92 Beta (bottom right corner). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I can confirm that the tool is available as of today’s Beta build (Jan 17). As a regular, non-experimental, feature.