No Soften brush in 3D view painting?

In 2.49a, the Soften brush acts like the Draw brush when painting in the 3D View. In the Image Editor though, it works as expected. Although the Soften option is in the Paint Tool panel of the Image Editor, I did just notice it’s not in the Paint panel of the Edit buttons.

In current builds of 2.50, it’s different … now the Smear option is only available in the Image Editor, but it does still work in both 3D View, once activated. Here’s the weird part - even though Soften is now in the Tool panel of the 3D View, it still acts like Draw there!

Anybody have any idea why painting with the Soften brush doesn’t work in the 3D View?

I realize 2.50 is a WIP, but what about 2.49a (an official release, a bug-fix one at that!)?