No sound?

I am not getting any sound to play on my computer in my blend files. The sound effects work fine on other computers, but not mine… Any clues on how to fix this?

Do sounds work in other programs on your PC?

If not, then you may have a bad sound driver or your sound card may be having problems, in other words it could be a hardware problem.

In the user preferences, system settings tab, there are sound options. Try changing these.
Also, let people here know what OS you are on and any other system specs you think might help.

Im on a PC running Windows 7. The sound work on all my other programs, just not blender. Also, i messed with the sound settings in the User Preferences, and it didn’t change anything.

I also tried re-installing Blender 2.5, and that didn’t do anything.

Following to Blender and sound on Windows 7 64 bit:
Blender 2.49b 32-bit sound works.
Blender 2.49b 64-bit sound not possible because it is not implemented. (The 64bit release of Blender for Windows is still in a development stage: yet it does not support all possible features, like FFMPEG, OpenAL and Quicktime.)
Blender 2.5x 32-bit sound works with OpenAL and SDL.
Blender 2.5x 64-bit sound works only with SDL (OpenAL not available).