No spin quads in Blender?

So there’s no way to spin quads in Blender?

can you believe it??? I dunno what they’re thinking. I mean, spinning quads is soooo…like …dizzying and gratifying, all at the same time.

In all seriousness, what do you mean, and what do you want to accomplish by spinning your quads. Assuming of course, you spin your quads and leave mine well enough alone, thankyou. If you want to spin my quads, well, we have to get to know each other a LOT better, yaknowwhaddaimean?

I try to get my quads spun at least once every two or thee months. Keeps them nice and fresh!

well, considering where you are from, that is not surprising. I mean, if I had Dorothy running around and all that, I’d be spinning a LOT more often.

You may mean “Rotate Edge”; Ctrl-E with two faces selected.


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You may mean Rotate UVs with a face selected in UV Face Select mode.

Actually Rodj, “spin quad” is an apparently popular term with a real meaning. While I’ve never really come to grips with it, it did form part of the very detailed discussion on “The Pole” (poles, edge loops, etc) which took place over at

Toontje, who used to post here a bit as I recall, added quite a bit of info to that discussion and I’m sure most of it was with a Blender perspective. He did state that you can spin edges in Blender so I think Fligh is on the right track.

ScooterL: Don’t worry about Rodj. He’s got like five kids and a wife who shouts at them and makes them line up all the time - plus he’s fast closing in on sixty years old - so he sometimes drifts into bouts of silliness (as a coping mechanism I think). Just smile and nod at him and he’ll be happy.

darn! I really thought I was close on that one. I need to get out more. freznuple. but i still don c how spining a quad will help eliminate two adjecent three-poles. i always have to use knife jus like he sez in yo very helpful hyperlink.

Fligh, I love you. Let’s get married, get a place in Boston …

Rotate Edge was EXACTLY what I was looking for.

ANDYD: Thanks! And there’s no way I’m getting close to that poles and whatsis debate. I’ll just keep trying stuff out 'til something tends to work well enough to use :slight_smile:

Roger: Spin quads, spin edge, etc. are ways of reorienting the edge between two polygons so you can improve the flow between them and their neighbors. Pretty much. Comes in handy when you want everything to flow nicely for armature animation.

I should have known Blender had it. I think if I hunt long enough through this thing I will literally find a kitchen sink.

Thanks again.

Fligh, I love you. Let’s get married, get a place in Boston …

Only if you, ScooterL, promise to spin my dearly beloved quads, from this day forth…