No textures/materials showing up

Im having problems with an object only ever showing the normal default grey material, no matter what i materials/textures i add to it.

i thought it might have been the lightwave/obj importer at first, but its fine with other models, so ive ruled that out.

the model can have the texture applied in ‘f’ mode, and looks fine in gameBlender, but it always renders as grey in the still renderer.

is it most likely that the model itself is whats causing the problem? or would it be blender itself? ive used lithunwrap for converting the 3ds model to obj, which ive then imported into blender. maybe if i use a different conversion tool (someone plz suggest one) or if theres a plug-in for blender that imports a different format (link pretty plz), materials/textures might show up.


From what you are asking, it sounds like you are using a UV map texture?

If so, you need to push the “Tex Face” button in the material window, just below the colour sliders. This will make your UV texture show up. If this is not pressed, you will get the basic material showing up with no texture.

Hope that solves your problem.