No textures when rendering

Hello, when I render a scene that I textured, the textures don’t show up in the image. What am I doing wrong, and is there another thread that already dealt with this? I already searched, and didn’t find anything.

When you say ‘textured’ do you mean that you UV-mapped them using the UV/Image Editor?

If yes, then all you’ve done is specify the UV mapping; you’ve not actually textured it yet. Press F5 and in the far right panel (Texture) click ‘Add New’. Now click the ‘Map Input’ tab and click ‘UV’. Finally, press F6, choose ‘Image’ as the texture type, and choose the appropriate image from the drop-down box in the panel that appears (right above the button that says ‘Load Image’).

If no, then I don’t know. More info please.

Hope this helps.

Yes, it worked, thank you.