no UV's in 3D window? Blender 2.34

Hi there

I’m just getting to grips with Blender and now I’m trying to learn UV mapping with it.

Is it possible to show the uv’s you have selected in the UV/image editor in the 3D window?

thanks in advance

the verticies in the uv window?

the faces?
sorta, when you have selected them hide the unselected [shift+h] which will end up selecting only those faces in the 3d view

That would be a handy feature. I tried out the command in the UV editor under the UV menu called select same faces. It’s supposed to select the same faces as an active object. For some reason it modifies my UVs. I don’t think a select command should do that - is it a bug? Also, what’s it for?

To show UV mapped textures in the 3d window, hold cursor over 3d window and press ALT+Z, to switch to ‘potato mode’. Use Z or CTRL+Z to switch between other shaded modes.
There is also a button in the 3d window header to do this too.


Just to clarify I have no problem showing UV mapped textures in the 3d window. I was just wondering if you selected a UV coordinated in the image window, would the same UV be selected or highlighed on the 3D model. It looks like it doesn’t.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my polygon UV mapping knowledge in Blender is sorely lacking and I’m going to post a request for links to good tutorials.


may be it should be stated more clear:

The mesh (in 3D view) is made of vertices,edges and faces.
The UV (coordinates) in UV-Editor are stored in a separate data structure called “tface”. So there is a very “loose” link from vertex to UV and back. You may have noticed that one vertex may correspond to more than one UV. This is neccessary to have seams as needed for LSCM e.g.