Noah ~ Work in Progress

Hello Everyone!

I did not know whether to post in Focus Critiques or this section. Either way I would absolutely love* some in-depth critiques.

This character is for a game idea I’ve been playing around with for a few years now.

His name is Noah, and he has one hell of a story to tell and it can’t be spoken with words.

I’ve been working hard on a character for the sake of nailing down a workflow without relying on an outside concept artist. I was itching just to get to the sculpt… and took a lot of time in the 2D design phase, trying to make this dude as good as possible in a very short amount of time. The sculpt as it stands now took around 4-5 days.

The base was actually sketched out in Blender, but then brought to Zbrush for the remaining 90%. :frowning:

I love Blender’s sculpting capabilities. But I used Zbrush for so long that the conflicting shortcuts are…messing with me >_< As much as I want to switch, and leave Windows in the process, at this time it is just not practical for me.

~ 2019/9/18 ~

~ 2019/9/14 ~



I’m surprised nobody commented yet. This work looks good.

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Hey thank you sir!! = ) :+1:

Great job! I like the character design a lot. I can imagine a game with this character already. :+1:

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Thank you brother Avery =]

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Really good model, makes me very curious about his story.
Oh, and by the way - a while ago I dabbled in Zbrush with Linux/Debian. Works okay except for something with the shortcuts not working. Since I started Blender, I’ve abandoned it.


That is wonderful to hear bstabens. Thank you!

Updated with more details - back and sword. One more thing, boomerang~

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Decided to head to the Retopo and Game modeling Stage ~ This is going into the Godot Engine.

FAR FROM finished, there is alot of detail I’m not catching…

Clocks in at 91k tris - some retopo straight from zbrush’s remesher. Did alot of material cycles input. Textured in substance painter (looking to try Armory3d sometime!)

The straps are actually simple planes with opacity Mapping. Yeah there is much to do for detail and some color mixing.

– Let me know what you think!


Looks lilke a nice choice of colors.

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Another Update =)

I have this character retopoed just for visual taste and how it will look. I am currently using Godot Engine. So far so good, but there is much to do

Dragged into Godot Engine