Node appearance

Is Blender Artists a place where I can make a feature request?

In software that I use for document production, called Quadient Inspire, there’s a toggle switch called “Intelligent Connections”. All it really does is make the lines between nodes not-diagonal, like so:

In Blender, I have to use Reroute, which isn’t too bad but it would be cool to not need to do that:

That’s all. :slight_smile:

3 Likes is for feature requests. I’d add some houdini node features to it as well, node shapes, shake disconnect, things like that.

Cool house model btw. :slight_smile:

Sounds good, I’ll ask over at that link.

Not my mesh; it was a freebie I found on either TurboSquid or Blender Market. I’ll have to look up the original item and post the artist’s name if I can remember to. Whoever he/she is does nice work. :slight_smile:

If you open Preferences, go to Themes, open up the Node Editor sub menu, towards the bottom is an option called “Noodle Curving” that turns the straight diagonal line into a curved line that can be easier to follow. Unfortunately it doesn’t go all the way to being 90 degree right angle straight lines like in your example, but it’s close.


Yeah, and I wish that we could attach Bezier control-points to those curves. In other words, to treat them as Bezier curves as we can now do in other parts of Blender. (And show-and-hide the points with a simple toggle.) That would make it effortless to rearrange the noodles for greater clarity, and to keep the diagram clean of control-point clutter.)