Node Error

I was on the process of finishing a animation test when I suddenly hit a snag in the node editor. To go in to detail, I was creating an projectile in the animation and I used Nion’s Settings for fire from Youtube. I already had a existing node for a motion blur for the scene. But when I appended the “fire” node tree for that scene, this happened.

Here is the Node Tree settings that I followed from his tutorial.

So can anyone tell me where did I go wrong?

I’m bumping it up for attention.

So is there a way to use a Motion Blur node and a glow node tree together?

Hi XeroShadow,

without seeing the whole Node Tree it is a bit difficult to help. And “this happened” doesn’t tell us anything either, we don’t know how it’s supposed to look like… :wink:

Here are the settings again. Hopefully, anyone can see them a little bit better now.