Node groups: How to show node properties which don't have a input/output type?

Hey guys, simple question here.
I want to make some node groups about the blur node but I can’t figure out how to change the x and y properties on the blur nodes outside of the node group. Usually the only way to show properties is to have a input or output in the node group but the x and y properties don’t have one. So is there a way to still show them outside? I don’t want to always go into the node groups to change some values :confused:

On the Blur node, the size input is actually a multiplier. So set the X and Y both to 1. Now whatever you set the size to, the x and Y will be. The size has an input so can be connect to a group input.

Thanks for the answer, will try that. Seems like there is no real way to manipulate properties that don’t have a input/output which is a shame tbh, would ease compositing workflow so much more.

By the way, great pleassure to see a reply from you, saw your presentation on youtube, you rock!

One way is to use a separate node inside node group that has inputs with the type you need to expose, and connect the values between this node and actual useful node by using drivers. Haven’t tried it but it should work.

Thanks, Alphashow!

And drivers do not work inside node groups for some weird reason. :frowning:

Correct. Though it’s possible to some degree by running Blender with --enable-new-depsgraph attribute. Could then use custom properties on an object which could control blur size for example, inside a group. Tested it and it does change the values, just have to initiate update when viewing it, ctrl+shift+clicking on the group again.

New dependency graph also gives life to drivers in Cycles material nodes.

Also tried to animate that by keyframing the property but that didn’t work.

Also never had much luck by adding custom properties to the scene or world. Don’t know what is up with that. Maybe the driver would need to call a python script that then initiates scene update every time for it to work, but that’s just guesses. Maybe someone knows?

blurdriver.blend (94.5 KB)