Node setup to recreate combined pass


For BI

Is there a reference somewhere which shows what the node set up should look like to recreate the output of the combined pass by manually merging all the passes using the correct math etc?

The manual has examples for adding AO but I would love to find an example layout of all the nodes required to build the combined pass from scratch.

So this’s would include diffuse, color, shadow, ao, reflection, refraction etc.


Here ya go. :slight_smile:

Thanks Farmfied, that is exactly what I am looking for, but that one is for cycles, I need one for BI (blender internal).

Still, this is also helpful so thanks.

As far as I am aware, there might not be a node-network that is equivalent to the Combined pass.

Furthermore: I have found that sometimes you must generate Combined in order to get other things that you want.

“Okay, that’s just how this product is. I’m cool with that.”