Node setup to replicate shaded view?

I’ve added the same interior.exr as an environment texture as the shaded view has, but how do I replicate the world opacity setting and blur?

Has anyone replicated the exact effect from the shaded view into a rendered view?

I don’t think it’s possible. In compositing after a render you can isolate the environment and adjust the opacity. You can blur it too but I don’t think it will quite look the way it does in material preview.

@Thinsoldier is right… not quite :

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What have you done to Suzanne??

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I was waiting for this… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: see here Space Monkey! - #7 by Okidoki … so it is Suzalien… had her still on my other open blender instance… :grin:

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Thanks! Blur in compositor, got it. And the blending of the background color can be done that way too I guess (because I just tried it in the world shader and it just made the entire scene darker).