Node Wizard 0.1.0 for Blender 2.8

First release of my Node Wizard Addon. Contains many options to help in material composition.

Addon panel:

Material composition:

Material masks:

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Nice mask setup. Personally, I would avoid separate bsdf’s for easier baking and just have the basecolor, rough, etc come out of the material groups. This makes baking a snap at the end since you can just bake them all with emission.

Another side effect worth noting: generated texture coordinates tends to warp a little in some cases so I generally end up using object coordinates in my workflow because I always retopo and bake out textures in my workflow.

Standard box projection creates obvious tiling effect. Here’s the textures done so they don’t tile with a node group I derived from a great post by CarlG in case you’re interested: nodes.blend (470.7 KB)

The sample image is very impressive. It needs, though, a step by step video demonstration of its use.

ThanX :slight_smile:

I do not have much experience with baking, but the material nodes offer all you need (if I understand correctly).

Regarding the tiling: Yeah, I though about this in the last days and how to solve it. Thanks for the links, really heavy and expensive node setup (on the rendering side) and very hard to control (have to adjust 16 textures imho). I spent the last hours to find a simplier solution which is not that complex and easier to control. Take a look at my modified nodes.blend (356.8 KB). Tell me what you think. Would be easy to add another one or two levels :smile:
I could add a one click setup to Node Wizard, that creates this for selected textures (hopefully :wink: ) Maybe some fine tuning is required.

ThanX, I know this. But my (spoken) English is not that good and I don’t have a suitable micro. Time is another factor. Maybe someone likes the addon enough to create one :wink:

I currently experiment with more complex nodes too, to get ready to use, but highly controllable setups:

Nice results! A good edge shading for concave and convex edges and especially a shading that will produce efficient curvature mapping on bevelled edges (on actual modelled bevels) is still a need in Blender.

Producing easily procedural ‘wear’ and ‘dirt’ on objects is essential in endowing the 3D models with realism. So such a shading is necessary and all those tries are really very valuable.

The only downside is it does distort the texture and creates sharp lines, but the sharp transition was reasonably correctable:

Not a bad solution overall. It would be better if there was a way that didn’t distort the textures. I’ll think about it some and see if I come up with something.

Do you mean the lines between the different rotation angels? Take a look at this, maybe this solves it?
nodes.blend (390.9 KB)

That’s pretty good. The catch is ShaderNodeTexImage.projection = 'BOX' will always do something like this no matter what you set the projection_blend values to. If you set them to 0, it still leaves a seam.

It coincides perfectly with the vector input edge.

Not sure how to fix that off the top of my head.

Good idea. Thanks for this addon

This addon as a standalone version is discontinued, as it is a subpart of Asset Wizard now.