Node wrangler says 'No matching images found'

I am trying to put a texture on a simple object (bark on a tree trunk), and I am following some tutorials on how to best do it. But I have met a problem I can’t quite see what is wrong.

  • I have activated Node wrangler
  • I have made a new material and assigned it to the object
  • In the shading window setup I am clicking shift+ctrl +T (after selecting the Prinsipled BSDF)
  • Here I select the images (color, normal and roughness) and hit ‘Prinsipled texture setup’ button.

But nothing shows up. The message I get is ‘No matching images found’ :frowning:

Can anyone tell me what I do wrong?


Hmm, i heard about that complex setup with multiple textures (but never used it myself) and it seems to be that only the simple setup (just adding one texture) is documented… i only can image that there are some problems regarding naming or any abbreviation and mixing of names (color, diffuse, normal, bump, specular, etc. ). Just tried and it worked with some _ambi, _diff, _diff_NORM, _spec and it could do anything with ambi… so the naming is essential, but not very good documented ?!
Edit: i’m an idiot: See Blender Preferences → Add-ons → Node: Node Wrangler: Edit tags for auto texture detection in Principled BSDF setup.
Your image names have to match…


That seems to have been the problem, yes.
The name of the files was set up like this: bark1col.jpg (for the color img). I now read that documentation and thought maybe they need a space before that tag (bark1 col.jpg). I did that on all the images, and now it works fine!

Thanks for pointing me to this :slight_smile:


hi, sorry to bother you guys after so many years, but I’ve stumbled upon this exact same issue as of now. I do tend to use wrangler in my workflow rather heavily, so this problem completely immobilized me for the past 2 days. I’ve already tried to completely uninstall and re-install blender, but the issue still persists. If you don’t mind me asking in what way should the add-on tags be edited. If by any chance are there any screenshots or images of the edits as reference for me as i try to fix the issue at hand, I’d be very grateful.