NodeCustomBuilder 2.8 (Free addon)


I have been creating this new addon for blender 2.8. Basic idea with this addon is that you select nodes and then save them as a preset for future use. All custom settings for nodes are also stored. Addon is free but you can also buy it if you want to support this project. (52.8 KB)


this addon is very convenient, I created a link on this topic


The usefull addon. Thanks

great idea ! thanks for this !

This will greatly facilitate the work of organizing nodes. Thank you.

You wanted to say “nodes” because it’s more useful to select every nodes you want to save and no all automatiquely, no?

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I made the video how to use this addon.

Also I put this on sale.

Hi @haikalle,
Are the values in nodes also stored? For example values in colorramps, and in Mix RGB: multiply instead of the default “Mix”?

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Right now nodes are created with their default setting but this feature is in my todo list.


Now nodes settings are also saved. Color ramps, texture data, etc. all there.


Wow that is fast. A big thank you!

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Now you can buy this here too:

Latest updates:

  • Now addon support world + compositor nodes

New version is out. This update includes only bug fixing:

  • Normal and separateXYZ node gave an error. Now it’s fixed.
  • Now empty frames inside of frames are also stored.
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Now user can create custom folders for presets.


Now all issues are fixed and customers are happy to use this product. Very solid.

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few questions i havnt bought it yet
how does it handle the presets and folder is it save in .blend file , or json file?

i also like to suggest UI

Thanks for the feedback @MatsuikoHiroka. That UI looks really nice and I will start to do some UI updates.

The addon creates a folder into your Documents location and save presets as json file into that location.

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thank you for answers
i bought the addon looking great and doing some test presets

yes i find the current UI is a little crowded another suggestion
maybe can you add confirmation dialog box when deleting?

looking forward for the update

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Another buyer here. Yes the UI is a little crowded, but should be easily fixed :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback. I released new beta version in Download section. It has new UI. Need to do some more testing before official release. But now it’s good time for other UI requests if there is some.

I personally don’t like to add any extra windows. So adding the confimation dialog for deleting preset is not so high on my list. But of course if there is more users who thinks this should be important to add, then of course I will add it.