Nodes - different result when grouped than not?

Hmm - have an interesting problem.

I created some node groups a while back and decided to rework some of them. One in particular is giving me issues:

I took the existing node group that had “grouped” nodes and simply ungrouped them. The values of the group inputs appear to have been preserved in their respective nodes (colours, pattern size etc) as expected - however the rendered result is very different inasmuch as the pattern is no longer showing up.

Anyone have any ideas what is going on?

Here are the screenshots before and after ungrouping:

On the ‘ungrouped’ screenshot second input of Voronoi Texture is different from the first input of the Divide node, but on the ‘grouped’ one they’re using the same group input. Can’t tell you why this happens though.

D-oh! You are right. It’s 0.5 in the second screenshot - but the input is 20 in the first.

I have looked at this for hours - can’t believe I missed it!