Nodes for modeling

Hello, I’ve used b3d for awhile to make models for printing. I know nothing about nodes. Are they able to create real effects on the geometry that will show in exported STLs, or is it just for rendering?

Geometry nodes can be used for modelling, yes. I don’t deal with STL or printing, so cannot comment on how they integrate into those pipeline requirements.

I haven’t been able to figure them out at all and it seems like a pretty steep learning curve. An easy test would be to pick any object you’ve created with nodes and export only that as an STL, then look at the thumbnail in your file browser and see if it looks like what you created or a cube. File>export>stl>check only selected etc.

You can see geometry nodes as custom modifiers with a lot of possibilities and some limitation dues to the fact that they are quite new.

Like other modifiers it takes a mesh as an input , do something to it, and output new or transformed geometry.
But it stays procedural : if you remove the modifier you get your original mesh, unless you apply the modifier.

Sure it’s a completely different way to interact with 3D geometry, it’s between regular modeling and scripting. Less technical than scripting, but not as intuitive as regular modeling.

I just watched a great intro and think it’s going to be fun! Thanks y’all