Nodes for scenery.

I’ve often wondered if some of the ideas used in Terragen could be transfered to Blender, using the Nodes editor. That is, using material nodes to create a detailed and multifaceted terrain without having the sharp edges that come from using multiple materials. Anyway, I was playing with it tonight, and this is what I came up with. The materials used are pretty simple, I was more going for how multiple materials could be mixed using nodes. The pic would probably look allot better if some image textues were used instead of procedurals. Anyway, here you go:
Blend File
Any suggestions, critiques etc. would be welcome.
PS. does anybody know if it would be possible to control whether a material shows up in certain places based on slope? For instance, creating a snow material that will not “stick” to the really steep slopes? Maybe with normals or something? Just an idea, I’m still learning this stuff myself.

good job,
there is also a similar nodes set up in the A.N.T Landscape thread in the python section.

I think Macouno’s abrasion script could be helpful for putting snow on a landscape, with its ‘wind’ function: