Nodes on yafray???

hi! does anybody knows if its possible to use nodes, with yafray? i learn how to use them, but when i try to render a layer, the other disapears!!! what certainly doesnt happen with blender internal… anybody can make a composition with yafray?

Nope. I don’t think Yafray works with nodes.

not yet i think.

thnx i’ve been google research, and i can assure: Yafray dont work with nodes… :frowning: maybe some day!

Material nodes don’t work with yafray, you can use composit nodes, but a work-around is needed, since it doesn’t work the normal way. You have to use the “Re-render this layer” button of the RenderLayers node (small button in the lower right corner).
Using Layers won’t work though.

Hey eeshlo, long time no see you :slight_smile:

I want to take advantage to ask you if some day we could have vector blur for yafray…that could be simply great, in order to get that postpro tool to get motion blur in our animations…


thanks to all… i might find out another way to do my scene… Thanks for your responses!

You can use blender’s vectorblur with yet another workaround, see the post by broken in this thread:

Yet another revelation I can make I suppose is that originally I was supposed to help out with the vector motionblur implementation for blender (well, I had a whole set of postpro code waiting for orange, DoF node being one of them too), but because of hardware and other problems it was never used.
My mblur solution was different though and not totally complete, but I was happy with the results anyway. So maybe this could be used for yafray instead one day, who knows.
Then again, real motionblur is also not too difficult to implement, and would fit in much better probably with lynx’ goals, but of course not as fast to render, and it might complicate things in other parts of yafray.

Anyway, all that is in lynx’ hands now, I don’t do any yafray development anymore unfortunately.
The blender export code is also sort of ‘sleeping’ now, waiting for someone else to be rewritten from scratch whenever Blender gets a proper external Render api.
I currently have other priorities, and that will probably stay that way for quite some time.