Nodes overlay issue!! seems very odd.

It’s been a while since i have posted here and its never been for direct help… so forgive me if i leave out needed details. I have been playing around with nodes to try and widen my use of blender.

I used a picture from a show to make a 4 layer set of meshes (the white circle is on bottom, then the star, then cross, then the extra stuff) The are all asigned to there own render layer. Thats it for the mesh side.

I am sure it is something I have done wrong, but the white circle is always rendered over the red star… or… It is rendered fine, but once pose kicks in, it is overlaying the red… This is very frustrating, especially since i cant seem to get it fixed.
I have tried many mix methods, maybe all of them to no avail…

So i need a few things. 1. What might my problem be?
2. Whats the best way to take multiple layers, layer them in the nodes, Add seems to white them out a TON But in the “Render layer” nodes it shows the mesh and a alpha background…
3. Some sweet tea i am dead thirsty…

Anyway i hope this is clear… my main issue right now is the bottom layer overlapping the second one… I will give links to the mesh alone, the mesh with nodes, and my node setup. If it will be too much to explain how to fix it… just tell me how to properly overlay inputs. or send a link to something that might help. Thanks a ton, and i look forward to hearing from you. <-- my node setup.


FMA CIRCLE1.1.blend (85.3 KB)

BUMP (and i will only do it once more =))

I personally like to have a blend to try things out to try and sort out problems.
Having just images, especially ones that I cannot see directly in your post but have to click a link to see them, gave me no interest in trying to look at your problem when I first saw your post, maybe others have the same feeling.
Some advice, if you make it easy for people to help you the better the response you’re likely to get, attaching your blend to your post is the most helpful thing, ensuring you also pack any textures.
Bumping your thread so soon after your original post may also make it less likely for people to help you as well.

Just had a very quick look at your pictures.
I think it’s 'cos you are adding the colours together. ie Any colour + white = white.
Think you’re better off using the Alpha Over node

But if you’re just overlaying images, then you can’t just add them together.
And you can’t use alpha over either. You’ll need to separate out the actual shapes.

Thanks i made all changes suggested to the first post (leaving the node link so you all get a bigger picture. I will play with alpha and other things that were suggested. I know where to find about “cutting the shapes” out. You do mean the like normal image, and then the black and white image? (white for what stays and black for what is alpha)

Thanks lol.

If I’m understanding your problem correctly, all you need to do is use the Z-Combine node. Render each mesh into a separate render layer (each with it’s own Z pass). Then combine all objects using Z-Combine nodes (two of them if you have three objects).

Thanks I will try that, I am actually making progress now, so im going to close this thread out. Thanks all.