Nodevember 2021

Nodevember is here and I’m collecting this year’s results in this thread. Will always share the blend file with the result.

Let’s start with day 1+2: 3-sided
The 3-sided portal into nodevember-land…

and the nodes…

If anybody wants to play around with the scene file, it’s here: day01_3sided.blend (1.3 MB)

Thumbnail section


Nice work!! :+1:

Second entry is 4-sided. Nothing too crazy, just a 4-sided pyramid with controls for size, height, stone height and length as well as an aging factor, that removes and tilts stones for older pyramids.

As usual blend file for download: day03_4sided.blend (1.3 MB)


So cool man, Nodevember ahahah

Skipped 2 days and did the topic “round” today. Here’s the result, a hay bale:


… and the blend file:
day09_round_03.blend (1.4 MB)


Day 11’s topic is red. Raspberries are red.

… and the blend file:
day11_red_anim.blend (1.7 MB)


Day 13, topic is green. Grapes are green. Those below are also green, but I think a biologist wouldn’t call those fruits grapes :wink:

The first 3 images are a bit against Nodevember’s pure rules to not use images, since they use an HDRI from Polyhaven. The last 2 ones are using a Nishity Sky and thus are 100% procedural.

Here’s the blend file:
day13_green.blend (1.6 MB)


Either I’m a bit late or this counts for the blue, black and white topic…
Blue iris, black pupil and white sclera :slight_smile:
Anyhow here’s my procedural eye:

Here’s the blend file:
day15_17_19_blue_black_white.blend (1.7 MB)

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For my current side-project I wanted some pumpkins, so I created a pumpkin generator with geometry nodes. I think it may also classify as a late entry for the medium prompt…

and the blend-file:
pumpkin.blend (1.3 MB)

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