:nodevember: Nodevember 2023 is here! Check the prompts and share with #nodevember

Nodevember is a yearly event during the month of November, to encourage and promote procedural art.

It is a challenge, not a contest. No matter your field or skill level, any and all node-based/procedural creations are welcome! In fact, Nodevember is a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself to learn new things and advance your procedural abilities.

You can find all the information you need to participate on nodevember.io, and any updates will be posted @NodevemberIO on Twitter and Instagram.

How to participate on Blender Artists

To participate here on Blender Artists, create a new topic for each work in Finished Projects and add the nodevember tag to the topic as shown below. This will automatically add you to the official Nodevember gallery here, and @bartv will do a roundup on BlenderNation with the best work each week.



Look’s like alliteration is the theme this year!


Well, looking at his name, he probably grew up reading a lot of “Suske en Wiske”.

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